Integrity – Uncompromising in all that we do and say

Lifelong Learning – Curiosity is king, “knowing is an enemy of learning”

Personal Courage – Face your fears, embrace adversity, take risks that enable growth

Balance – Live with both passion and lightness

Selfless-Service – It’s the cornerstone of great leadership and the key to a fulfilling life

Giving Back – Be grateful, contribute to your community, and promote charitable causes

The Bottom-Line…leadership matters and it is often sadly lacking in our world today.

On an individual level, leadership determines our personal effectiveness, ability to influence others, and ultimately how successful we might be in life. At the collective, leadership matters to our families, our communities, and our places of work. Not only can great leadership impact bottom line results, more importantly, it betters the lives of everyone in the organization!

The Leader Growth Group’s mission is to train and coach self-aware leaders who inspire more engaged workplaces. Our purpose is to create organizations where people thrive not just survive.

Why We Do This Work
Our Values

Leadership can be taught

A leader’s primary role is to manage the culture

A leader’s primary responsibility is to serve followers

People often confuse exercising authority with providing leadership

The best organizations train leadership at all levels (not just at the top)

The single greatest way to increase a leader’s effectiveness is through a one-on-one coaching relationship

The path to leadership mastery is a continuous journey of growing self-awareness and self-management ability

Leaders change lives. Nothing has a more profound impact on a person’s success and happiness than working for an outstanding leader

What We Believe

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