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David facilitates an exercise designed to teach how building alliances enables success

A group of leaders working on better communication through an experiential activity

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What sets the The Leader Growth Group apart from your average training company?

1. Embodied Expertise - Every trainer has personally been a successful leader first with credible business experience. Yet, just because one has been a successful leader, does not mean you can teach others leadership!  Thus, only trainers who are knowledgeable in adult learning theory, group facilitation, and executive coaching are selected to work with LGG. This translates into a development experience where trainers are expertly modeling exactly what they are teaching.

2. Never "Death by PowerPoint" - Let's be honest, most trainers love to talk about how much they know and the typical standard for corporate leadership/management training is endless PowerPoint slides and expert lecture. If you are lucky, you may get some good "war stories" from a senior leader's perspective, but even those get old after a while. LGG gets workshop participants in the game. We'll bring out all the voices in a room, ensure groups are sharing ideas, get people up and moving, and maybe even having a little fun!

3. We Don't Leave You Hanging - For years LGG delivered workshops and watched as highly motivated participants floundered with post-event implementation of ideas. The realities of work and life always seemed to trump personal growth initiatives. That's why we now assist clients with establishing a learning continuum process that leverages webinars and sustainment coaching as a way of maximizing post-event motivation and keeping participants on track with their growth goals.

The LGG Training Difference

Practical Training, Tangible Results

The Leader Growth Group wants to change the way the world develops leaders. Traditional methodology has been to teach "about" leadership and often through expert lecture. While this helps people to understand the principles of leadership, it rarely results in the application of those principles. We believe that leadership can be taught, however the learning can only happen through direct experience. Thus, rather than teach others "about" leadership, we create the conditions for people to teach themselves leadership. Our highly experiential designs get people doing rather than simply observing. The result is learning that is immediately applicable and more sustainable.