A 12 month turn-key process for developing self-aware leaders who inspire engaged workplaces and achieve results 

The LGG Flagship Leader Development Program 

"David is a great facilitator and was able to generate good discussions among our group. I like that he has lots of experience to draw from and is able to share his insights in a way that helps ground the content."

                                   - Flagship Participant

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There are two critical reasons your organization needs LGG’s Flagship Leader Development Program​.

  1. “Leadership Lift” - The difference between an organization that delivers good performance, versus one that delivers great performance, almost always is the result of leadership. When managers at all levels (not just the top), make deliberate choices to develop and practice leadership skills on a routine basis, the organization is “lifted” to higher levels of excellence. This results in consistent goal attainment and exponential growth.
  2. Your Talent has a Vote - The saying “people don’t quit their jobs….they quit their bosses” often holds true. Unfortunately, many leaders today haven’t been exposed to formal leader development training, and the impact is that they are unintentionally creating uninspiring places of work that produce mediocre outcomes. Talented people demand great leadership! When it’s not available to them, they move on elsewhere. The bottom-line result of ineffective leadership is higher attrition rates, loss of key talent, and expensive recruiting costs.

Many organizations already provide training and development opportunities for their leaders, however, the sustainable long-term impact of these events is questionable. More often then not, leaders experience a short dose of motivation that dissipates quickly after the training. What’s needed is a more holistic and systemic approach to individual leadership and team development. One that works from the inside out. One that blends highly reflective and experiential activities to increase insight. One that reinforces sustained learning over time, through 1-to-1 personal coaching. One that produces tangible results in leaders and the teams they lead!

After 20+ years of personally leading teams, and then developing leaders in Fortune 500 companies, David Spungin created LGG’s Flagship Leader Development Program to meet these needs specifically. 


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"This is a fabulous program! Both the content and course design are top notch. Yet, what I found most valuable was David Spungin--his approach, authenticity, and facilitation are what separate this program from others."

                                   - Flagship Participant

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