Looking for a credible speaker to liven up your next event? David Spungin has been inspiring audiences with powerful and engaging presentations and keynotes for nearly a decade. Never one to simply stand behind a podium and speak to slides, he engages people with purposeful stories that sir emotion and teach core tenants of leadership. His most popular speaking topics include:

  • Leading Leaders: Creating a Culture that Enables High-Performance
  • It's Not My Fault!: Avoiding the Blame Game and Embracing Greater Accountability
  • How to Learn Leadership: A Personal Road Map for Success
  • Leading is Believing: How to Think Like the Most Successful Leaders
  • The Art of Gravitas: Why Some People Have a Leadership Presence and Others Don't
  • Connect, Shift, Collaborate: Taking Mission Execution Fundamentals From the Army to the Boardroom
  • Soft Power - Leading a Team Without Formal Authority

Click the below video to watch David's Leading Leaders speech given at the 2015 RMCA Leadership Symposium.

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To book David at your next event, contact him directly at 720.485.5687 or email him at dspungin@leadergrowthgroup.com.

“"Thank you very much for the awe inspiring message. David is very engaging!"”

              - Executive, VA State SHRM Conference

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“David is a excellent speaker who motivated me to look deeper at my leadership abilities and how I either inspire, intimidate, or provoke others around me”

                                  - Manager, NACDS