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LGG Founder & Principal Consultant, David Spungin, was recently invited to speak on Mark Imperial's Remarkable Radio program, a nationally syndicated talk show based out of Chicago. Click the below button to hear Mark and David discuss the topics of how employee engagement connects to leadership, what's wrong with leadership training today, and how The Leader Growth Group does things differently.

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The "ACTIONABLE! Leadership" eBook

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David Spungin featured on The Mark Imperial Show

The Leader Growth Group is pleased to offer a FREE resource to support your leadership development. The "ACTIONABLE! Leadership" eBook is designed to compliment our ACTIONABLE! Leadership training program, however it can also be used as a stand alone resource as well. Click on the below link to get your FREE copy and start taking action towards fulfilling your leadership potential!

What's inside the "ACTIONABLE! Leadership" eBook?

  • Understand what leadership really is, how it enables extraordinary performance, and why anyone can become a better leader.
  • Gain insight into what specific leadership practices inspire followers and exactly how managers can develop their their personal ability to motivate teams.
  • Learn how to self-assess your leadership ability and identify both areas of strength and potential areas for improvement.
  • Begin a leader development process that will build inspirational leadership ability in anyone over time.
  • Be able to immediately apply the lessons from the eBook to any work environment and deliver extraordinary team results.