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Leading Through Chaos, Conflict, & Change

Pioneered at Harvard University by world renowned leader development practitioners Ron Heifetz and Marty Linksy, this workshop utilizes Case-In-Point teaching methodology to teach the challenges of leading through conflict, ambiguity, and change in real time. Highly experiential, the workshop is grounded in Adaptive Leadership Theory and keeps participants in a constant state of disequilibrium in order to facilitate "below the neck learning." This workshop is daunting, unclear, and messy by design—in effect mirroring the work of leadership in every other realm. If you are looking to move beyond learning "about" leadership and to actually practicing it....this is the challenge you've been waiting for!

Core Leadership Principles of the Workshop include:

  1. Leadership is an activity, not a position
  2. Anyone can lead, anytime, anywhere
  3. It starts with you and must engage others
  4. Your purpose must be clear
  5. It's risky to lead

The Leading Through Chaos, Conflict, and Change Workshop is for:

  • Teams looking to increase tolerance for confusion, uncertainty, and the anxiety that arises from such challenges
  • Organizations who wish to better read and act on the market signs before is too late
  • Companies looking to experiment with ways that work best
  • Companies looking to increase their tolerance for failure, and even become willing to celebrate it
  • Helping individuals in embracing risk and admitting that it’s alright to “not know” or “have the solution”
  • Increasing people’s courage to name “the elephant in the room”
  • Helping people to examine their own contribution to the problem, and be more prepared to give up ineffective priorities, beliefs, habits and loyalties
  • Helping groups to learn (and/or unlearn) that which is required to adapt and survive
  • Pushing organizational boundaries, defying the status quo and helping people to become safely disruptive
  • Helping leaders to increase resiliency for being blamed, sacrificed or crucified’ when they become too disruptive
  • Leaders looking for ways to challenge themselves in new ways, break the classroom mold, and actually practice leadership rather than talk about it!

The Leading Through Chaos, Conflict, and Change Workshop is designed to:

  • Help leaders differentiate between technical and adaptive challenges and better diagnose situations
  • Bring awareness to the leader's emotional "triggers" and help them to better self-manage
  • Build capacity to energize others by bridging factions, identifying a collective purpose, speaking to losses, and creating trustworthy processes
  • Enable skillful intervention by knowing when to either "raise or lower the heat"

Time Frame & Delivery Method:
This live workshop can be delivered multiple ways and ranges from a one day event that allows for a solid introduction to the work, to a five day event which enables far deeper theoretical understanding and practice.