A 2-day workshop designed to help you build a culture that enables teamwork and high-performance

Teamwork is the single most untapped competitive advantage in most organizations! Unfortunately, many  “teams” today are merely groups of interdependent people working together. They lack a mutually agreed upon common purpose and challenging goals related to that purpose. They don’t engage in healthy debate and lack peer accountability towards for results. Most importantly, they lack a culture that promotes vulnerability with one another and creates trust. We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves…So, why don’t most groups engage in these activities and create high-performing teams? First, it’s hard work and requires us to get uncomfortable. This requires leadership to help the group deal with discomfort and take tangible steps towards becoming a team. Second, most leaders are untrained on how to do that well. This workshop eliminates the guesswork and provides a proven process for building a culture that enables effective teamwork.​​​

The Leading Teams Workshop is designed for:

  • Leaders seeking to enhance team member collaboration and build a high-performing team
  • Intact teams experiencing minor dysfunction who are seeking to enhance teamwork together  

The Leading Teams Workshop is designed to: 

  • Build comprehension of The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® framework through taking The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® assessment and assessing your individual/team results
  • Create space for greater connection and practice engaging in vulnerability-based trust
  • Enhance understanding of how teams engage in conflict to gain shared commitment
  • Explore how the best teams hold one another accountable to achieving results
  • Help you as a leader in developing a plan for applying these concepts in your own team culture

Time Frame & Delivery Method:

Stand-Alone Workshop - Two Live Training Days

Or, as Module 3 of The LGG Flagship Training Program - Two Live Training Days + Individual Coaching Session 

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Leading Teams   

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