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​​Effective leadership of others starts with being able to lead yourself first. Yet, leading yourself is often the most difficult person you’ll lead in your career! The challenging journey to self-mastery is a life-long process. Being grounded and as clear as possible on your own values, beliefs, preferences, and innate ways of influencing others, especially in times of stress and pressure, is a vital first step to becoming an effective leader. This module is about giving you an opportunity to increase your self-awareness, thus improving your capacity for choice over what attitudes, behaviors and leadership approach will best serve you and others. 

The Leading Self Workshop is designed for:

  • All leaders, at all levels, can benefit from learning (or revisiting) these fundamental skills that require a lifetime of practice to master

The Leading Self Workshop is designed to: 

  • Provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your personal “leadership lens” and how this largely unconscious “operating system” impacts every action you take as a leader
  • Utilize the EQ-i 2.0 to help you identify your emotional intelligence strengths and challenges
  • Introduce skills and behaviors that, when applied consistently, demonstrate managerial self-discipline and inspires follower support
  • Give you space to self-assess your own capacity in these skills and identify areas for improvement
  • Help you to create a self-directed action plan for continued development post workshop

Time Frame & Delivery Method:

Stand-Alone Workshop - Two Live Training Days

Or, as Module 1 of The LGG Flagship Training Program - Two Live Training Days + Individual Coaching Session 

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A 2-day workshop designed to help you “see yourself” more fully, so you can choose more effective action​.

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