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COVID-19 has forced many leaders to quickly adapt to not only become remote workers, but also to become remote leaders. This has added another layer of challenge for many leaders, who are already overwhelmed by running their businesses under significant economic and operational strain.

​Workshop Objectives

●      Identify the challenges of working and leading remotely
●      Explore research and best practices for leading remotely
●      Create a personal action plan for leading remotely

Workshop Process and Format

Prior to the event, participants are given the opportunity to voice their personal challenges with remote leadership by answering a short survey. The survey data is then analyzed and the workshop’s content is further customized to each client’s specific needs. On the day of the workshop, participants will discuss and explore the challenges they’ve experienced as remote workers and leaders in a facilitated discussion. The workshop facilitators will also share leadership models, frameworks, and best practices on leading remotely, including specific tips for leaders to use. To support learning application and behavior change, participants will reflect on the leadership models and remote leadership strategies and develop a personal action plan.

This is an interactive workshop where participants will share their own experiences and insights during large group and small group discussions. The 2-hour workshop can be offered over ZOOM or in person. It can also be offered to intact teams of leaders/managers or to managers/leaders who do not work together. Participants will also receive a workbook of key concepts and for note-taking.

Optional customization

●      Include photos of participants’ remote workstations for a fun way to build connection
●      Collect pre-course survey data on participants’ challenges and strategies to integrate into the workshop content and give voice to participants’ experiences

A 2-hour workshop designed to help managers with inspiring their teams from a distance

Leading Remotely

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