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A 2-day workshop designed to build social-awareness and group intervention skills that increase influence

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Leading Organizations   

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The most difficult leadership task one can undertake is influencing across organizational boundaries or moving a group towards a purpose when we have little or no formal authority. Success in these situations requires a leader to exhibit a complex set of skills. It begins with examining yourself as data, and using this information to diagnose the group’s situation. Then, through mindful interventions, a leader can test assumptions, challenge, and support as necessary to keep a group moving forward. Masterful leadership in these moments requires strong empathy, and the ability to hold multiple perspectives simultaneously. Not for the feint of heart, this experiential workshop moves beyond learning “about leadership” and creates the conditions for practicing it by encouraging real-time risk-taking in the classroom.​​​​

The Leading Organizations Workshop is designed for:

  • Executive leaders seeking to implement a large-scale change in the organization
  • Senior leaders seeking to better understand group dynamics and improve social awareness

The Leading Organizations Workshop is designed to: 

  • Help you to distinguish between when a group faces a technical or an adaptive challenge
  • Provide opportunity for you to observe yourself as data and interpret group dynamics
  • Offer mindful intervention strategies that surface factions, name the elephant in the room, protect voices, regulate discomfort, and keep groups focused on the work of learning/problem solving
  • Introduce Adriano Pianesi’s Change Canvas© to help you assess and strategize for an upcoming initiative where group dynamics, power, and politics must be accounted for

Time Frame & Delivery Method:

Stand-Alone Workshop - Two Live Training Days

Or, as Module 4 of The LGG Flagship Training Program - Two Live Training Days + Individual Coaching Session