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A 2-day workshop designed to increase your leadership effectiveness in important 1-to-1 communications 

Throughout your career, you will rarely accomplish anything significant alone, leaders must work through others. Thus, your success is largely dependent on the quality of your personal relationships, and strong relationships are built through sound communication. The best leaders can adjust their communication style to meet the needs of others. They also can navigate difficult conversations like delivering critical feedback and outright conflict. Most importantly, they practice coaching conversations that help to unleash the potential in others. ​​​

The Leading Individuals Workshop is designed for:

  • Leaders at all levels seeking to get the best performance possible from their direct reports
  • Intact teams seeking to communicate better with one another and manage conflict

The Leading Individuals Workshop is designed to: 

  • Utilize the DiSC® assessment to create an opportunity for reflection on your behavioral, temperament, and personality preferences
  • Provide you with a comprehensive overview of the way other people think, act, and interact with your specific DiSC® style.
  • Increase awareness of your non-verbal communication tendencies and how you can cultivate more leadership presence
  • Give you frameworks and tools to support more masterful managerial specific communications to include: making effective requests, delivering feedback, and coaching conversations
  • Help you to create a self-directed action plan for continued development post workshop

Time Frame & Delivery Method:

Stand-Alone Workshop - Two Live Training Days

Or, as Module 2 of The LGG Flagship Training Program - Two Live Training Days + Individual Coaching Session 

Leading Individuals