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Feedback Warrior Servant Coach

A 1-day workshop designed to dramatically improve a manager's feedback and coaching skills

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Talent is every manager’s single greatest resource. When employees receive timely, transparent, and relevant feedback, and then are coached on how to bring their highest-best-self to their work, their talent is "fully maximized.” Not only will they deliver better results, but also they feel more engaged!

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. It can take an entire career to figure out how to artfully deliver feedback and coach people to their full potential. These are complex skills and not very intuitive (for most of us). However, there is a way to help managers to expedite that learning curve, and here is the secret ... 

The best managers embrace their Warrior Spirit and embody a Servant’s Heart. 

All the skills of excellent feedback and coaching stem from these archetypical underpinnings. How you think determines your actions. This is why It’s never enough to simply train skills alone. Our default operating systems are hardened through years of personal experiences and unconscious adherence to beliefs/values. We can talk all we want about learning new skills; however, if we don’t change our mindset first, we won’t make any lasting shifts in our behavior. Yet, when a manager learns to think correctly first, adopting new skills comes more naturally.

The Feedback Warrior Servant Coach workshop is designed specifically for managers to 1) adopt the proper mindset for effective feedback and coaching and 2) develop new skills that they can immediately use in the workplace. 

The Feedback Warrior Servant Coach Workshop is designed for:

  • Managers at all levels

The Feedback Warrior Servant Coach Workshop is designed to help managers:

  • Download the brochure below for a full list of training objectives and intended outcomes

Time Frame & Delivery Method:

1. Live Training at Your Location - One full training day or two 1/2 day events

2. Open Enrollment Course - Twice annually in Denver, CO

3. Online Training - Coming Soon!