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Top 15 Ways Executive Coaching Can Help You Grow
1. Correct self-defeating behaviors that may be limiting career potential
2. Resolve conflict with difficult team members (strained relationships)
3. Get control of one’s time and better balance work and personal life (overwhelmed)
4. Set strategic direction and make strategy happen (can’t seem to implement)
5. Influence more effectively in one-on-one conversations
6. Get an idea accepted in an organization (navigating politics)
7. Create a high performance culture
8. Enhance one’s leadership presence (more gravitas/owning a room)
9. Managing Up (tactfully leading your boss)
10. Get focused on the issues that matter most (prioritization of goals)
11. Create a compelling personal leadership brand (I am generic)
12. Engage and mobilize employees
13. Develop high potential leaders and prepare for succession
14. Foster more collaboration (people working in silos)
15. Lead change (generating adaptive capacity)

"Great Work! David and I partnered together in developing leadership development goals that were important not only to my professional life but to my personal life as well. With his guidance through the coaching program, I explored situations outside my normal comfort zone and experienced fantastic personal growth as a result .Perhaps my biggest learning was that I was able to develop into a leader who not only excels in serving others, but who also is comfortable in asking for help from others when needed. I would especially recommend David to any leader who wants to learn how to better protect their boundaries in life. During your time with David, you will face moments of discomfort, and the growth on the other side is amazing!"

                                 - BD Manager, Large Non-Profit

"David has provided wonderful guidance and very personalized insight, while maintaining his strong and objective analytical skills. Perhaps most importantly he has handled this process with a professionalism that creates great trust and confidence. I would most highly recommend his coaching services to any individual or organization considering them."

                         - Senior Director, Mid-Sized For Profit

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A Critical Tool for Change

Executive coaching is needed today more than ever as a critical tool for change. The modern leader must adapt to today's rapidly shifting, complex, and uncertain marketplace. This environment has executives thirsting for the time and space to think more strategically. Leaders are also being asked to do more with less while facing these conditions. As the pressure to deliver results mounts, feelings of overwhelm and burnout can take hold, impacting a leaders ability to inspire followers. In the past, executives could overcome these challenges with experience and technical competency alone. Success today, however, requires enhanced self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, and relationship management ability. The reality is that without a deliberate plan to practice these core competences of Emotional Intelligence (E.I.), most of us won’t develop at the pace our environment demands, thereby limiting our potential.