"Strong material that made me look back on my leadership style while motivating me to look forward as well. Took away a lot of great lessons!"

          - Front-Line Manager, Dawson's Market

"This was the best course I have taken to learn some practical strategies for being a leader. The mix of lecture and insights, along with the fun exercises made the points understandable. David is a gifted  instructor in leading the class."

                  - Manager, HQ, JMC, Rock Island Arsenal

This workshop is grounded in a simple premise, it’s hard to be seen as a leader if you can’t deliver results. Yet, results are rarely achieved through the leader alone. Thus, leadership is mustering follower support and how we deliver results through others. Managers can no longer rely on formal authority alone to achieve results. To be successful today, one must be able to inspire others to take action! The word inspiration can evoke majestic or even magical imagery. Some argue that the ability to inspire others cannot be learned, either you are either born with it or you are not. Yet, research shows that about only 30% of one’s leadership capacity is inherit, while a full 70% can be learned. Therefore, anyone can increase his or her inspirational leadership abilities. All it takes to become more effective is choosing to practice certain behaviors in your life. This workshop is designed to help take some of the guesswork out of which behaviors best contribute to one’s inspirational leadership capacity. 

The ACTIONABLE! Leadership Workshop is designed for:

  • Front-Line to Mid-Level Managers seeking ways to increase their influence
  • First-time managers who are seeking a solid foundation in leadership
  • Managers of Managers who are seeking to more deeply inspire their team

The ACTIONABLE! Leadership Workshop is designed to:

  • Deliver an inspiring program of training that invites participants to reflect on their own leadership behaviors and evaluate personal strengths and challenges
  • Provide practical and relevant tools and skill-sets that can be put to use immediately following training
  • Minimize time requirement and impact on participants
  • Maximize learning by reinforcing training topics over a sustained period of time
  • Have fun, build camaraderie, and further establish “what great leadership looks like” within the client’s organizational culture

Time Frame & Delivery Method:

Two Live Training Days + 30/60/90 day Virtual Sustainment Webinars + Unlimited E-mail Coaching

ACTIONABLE! Leadership

A 2-day workshop designed to help you adopt inspiring leadership practices that drive results

"I really enjoyed the course and especially appreciated the manner in which it was delivered. The mixture of activities, points of view, graphs, etc. was the perfect learning model and kept it fresh and fun."

      -Manager, Ellwood Thompson's Local Market

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