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The Leader Growth Group works with high performing organizations ranging from mid-sized businesses with several hundred employees to multi-billion dollar organizations with a global footprint. We have experience working in Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and government agencies alike. Industries served include Energy, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Biotechnology, Consulting, Government Contracting, and Information Technology.

For Who Do We Solve These Problems?

The Leader Growth Group takes good managers and transforms them into truly inspiring leaders. We do this primarily by helping the leader to grow their self-awareness and self-management skills through a deliberate three-step process of: 

1) Exposing leaders to new information and new ways of thinking about leadership

2) Allowing leaders time and space to engage in reflection

3) Development of a tangible action plan that enables accountability towards aspirational growth and development

The result is a leader who serves others before self, challenges teams to be more, demonstrates greater empathy, and is accountable for results. When such leadership exists in an organization, engagement levels skyrocket!

How Do We Solve Them?

Employee Engagement is a hot topic for good reason. Gallup’s most recent annual poll which surveyed roughly 81K people determined that 68% of organizations in the U.S. are suffering from low engagement levels at work. More importantly, those low engagement levels are costing the U.S. economy roughly $370 billion a year!

What’s going on in our organizations today? People are feeling undervalued as if they are lacking ownership, and feeling like they can’t really make a difference in their role. What’s worse, many organizations are mostly unaware of their engagement levels and how they’re negatively impacting the organization. There are many factors that contribute to low employee engagement. Perhaps the organization is going through an acquisition and struggling with change. Or maybe there is confusion around roles and responsibilities, a lack of strategy, or dysfunctional reward systems. Yet, at the core of the issue, there is almost always a crisis of leadership. Organizations today are failing to prepare their people to be true leaders, and the impact of this is that they are unintentionally creating uninspiring places of work. Then, more often not, the old saying “people don’t quit their jobs….they quit their bosses” holds true. The result is high attrition rates, loss of key talent, and costly recruiting to keep the pipeline full.

What Problems Do We Solve?

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Leadership Development Training

About The Leader Growth Group, LLC

The Leader Growth Group is a leadership and organization development consultancy dedicated to growing self-aware leaders that inspire engaged workplaces. We believe that our attitudes, thoughts, and values inform our behavior and determine the results we experience. To perform at the highest levels, we must become more aware of our underlying belief systems and innate tendencies. Through research validated assessments and unique training methodologies, we help organizations and individuals see how their perceptions, beliefs, emotions and thought processes impact outcomes. Our solutions result in the leader experiencing more informed choice rather than unconscious reactivity. Individuals will choose to lead more selflessly and with greater authenticity. Teams choose to collaborate towards the greater good rather than compete in "silos." Organizations choose to develop cultures that truly motivate people and inspire excellence.