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WHAT: A summary of your strengths and opportunities for development from the people you care about most   

You have ‘got to know before you can grow’!  Yet getting timely, effective and relevant feedback is difficult. Most of the time, people feel it’s too big a risk to talk directly to others and candor goes missing. The LGG 360 Review process allows for confidentiality and anonymity, which creates space for honesty and sincerity. Plus, the live interview process allows for feedback clarification and a level of detail that typically can’t be reached through an online feedback tool.

Deliverables of the LGG 360 Feedback Review include:

• Up to 14 interviews including manager, peers, direct reports, stakeholders/customers
• Written feedback report including themes, strengths, areas of development, and suggestions
• 2-3 hour in-person feedback session
• Individual Development Plan (IDP) creation with 2-3 actionable goals
• Meeting with participant, coach, and appropriate stakeholders to discuss IDP goals and support needs (optional)

WHY: The gift of feedback is invaluable and chances are…you are not getting enough of it to learn and grow. ​

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The LGG 360 Feedback Review